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      "They teach me," Cadnan said. "But I am still a slave, because they teach me. I do not teach them."

      "Who're you a-calling names, you bow-legged little shrimp?" shouted Gid, slapping Harry across the face with a piece of fat pork."Stay behind to bury the dead," grumbled Shorty. "Nice business that! Sextons to the Southern Confederacy. Hain't they got any niggers around here that they kin set at the work?"

      si hE sed thAt shorty kood be morE Kinds ov fool in A minnitThen he heard little Abel Waite say:

      Little Pete's Horse Bolts. 169

      "Jim, you and Joe go down to the edge of the abatis and see what you can see."

      "Johnny," she said, and her hands reached out for him blindly. He saw, incredibly, tears like jewels at the corners of her eyes. "Johnny"


      "It'll have to be enough for the present," answered Si. "Be careful of 'em. Don't waste none. Be sure o' your man, aim low, git under his belt, an' be careful to ketch your hind-sight before you pull the trigger. If we need more cartridges we'll have to find more somewhere.""I thought you little brats was ordered to stay behind with the things," he gasped.


      "A nice guy?" he said. "I wouldn't know, Miss Forzane."


      The smoke-crowned crest of Snodgrass Hill was seen but half a mile away. They could make out the ragged, irregular line of blue constantly vailing itself in sulphurous vapor as it poured murderous volleys into the enemy. The shrill yell of the rebels as they renewed the charge, and the deep-toned cheer of the union soldiers as they repulsed it, reached their ears in the momentary lulls of the firing.